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Navigating Eczema Diagnosis and Treatment:

(Featuring Kaitlyn and Patrice)

Diagnosing & Treating Eczema in Skin of Color:

(Drs. Fonacier and Zachary)

Conducting a Telehealth Visit for Eczema:

(Drs. Fonacier and Elliott)

Managing Eczema Through a Telehealth Visit:

(Drs. Fonacier and Elliot)

Ask the Allergist – AAN – Winter Eczema Tips:

Atopic Dermatitis:  Vital Issues in Skin of Color:

Patient success video – Nicole and AD :

Treating Eczema in People of Color:

Indian girl portrait in London. She is sitting on a concrete bench with knees pulled up and looking away from camera. On background there are some persons walking on the footpath.
Stylish couple in pink and blue blowing bubbles
The Role of Men In Families. Black Millennial Man Standing In A Row With His Son And Father
Black woman cooking in a beautiful kitchen with white bricks on the wall